Glossary of New World Terms

Pre-Cat: Pre Cataclysm

The Great Cataclysm: referring to a time in Earth’s history just at our third world war (Circa 2020). In the middle of the last great Holy war the world stopped its fighting with the reemergence of several gods of legend: Dagon, Fenriris, Quetzalcoatl, Kirin and Ganesha. The great gods were asked here by Ippilauki, in order to save the Earth from its inhabitants, Humans.

Tipping the Sunshine: Slang for drinking clover water, a highly addictive narcotic from the Kirin Territory

Nation States: The most recent incarnation of the physical landmass that is North America. Boundary lines have been redrawn after the Great Cataclysm and second civil war, creating new territories and affiliations consisting of:
The Northwest Alliance: Pacific Territory, Idaho, Montana Territory, Dakota and New Vermont
The United States of America: Maine, Capitol, West Capitol, Ohio-Vania, Carolina, Arkanasee, Orleans, Florida, Ioaska, Colorado, and Arizona
Self Governed territories: Northwest Territory, Virginiland, The Republic of Wisconsin, and Vegas
The Allied States of America: Texarkana, Fort Fordham, Inkwell and Mystic
The Land of Religious Tolerance: Holyark
Neutral Territory: Edge and Glade
Prison Sector: Sector 23

GNN: Stands for the Global News Network. It is the way the globe gets their news and information.

Humanity First: A fanatical religious group in the Nation States that believes that Humanity is the most important species on the planet, and will stop at nothing to prove it.

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