Dagonites/ Children of Dagon:
Ariston Dago (Ari): Dagonite. Warrior. Octopus Shifter. Part of a long line of Warriors in his family.
Tobin – Dagonite
Rigby- Dagonite
Aristotle- Dagonite head of state
Yasmine- Dagonite and Dagon’s main concubine. Originator of The Dago line, great grandmother to Aristotle, Tobin, Rigby, And Ari
Stadtler –Dagonite, twin to Waldorf
Waldorf –Dagonite, twin to Stadtler
Dagon and his followers control the inner seas, the Mediterranean, the Sea of Dago and all of modern day Italy.

Kirinae/ Children of the Unicorn:
Mao Yen- Kirinite head of state
Bao Ston- Kirinite Healer
Controling much of Asia including what is left of China, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam and several of the smaller micro nations.

Quetzals/ Children of the Serpent:
Ianto Sparks: Quetzals head of state
Derby: Quetzals special forces
Boris L’Rame: Quetzals (Ianto’s lover)

Quetzalcoatl controls all of Central America, and most of South America.

 Fenriris/ Children of the Wolf:
Fergus Glit: Fenriris
Delilah Glit: Fenriris

Fenrir Controls the north, Norway, Sweden, and the upper reaches of Scandinavia.

The Lotus Court:
Callendula: Goddess in the Lotus Court
Ganesha: High God of the Lotus Court
Hannah: Calendula’s hand maiden
Clea: Calendula’s high priestess

The Lotus Court and Ganesha control all of India, and a fair amount of the Middle East.

Teagan Moss:  Ambassador for the governing body of earth, scapegoat.
Izba Moss Fontaine:  Bodyguard to Lauriat LeLow
Ophelia Stillwell: Cousin to Izba and Teagan. Owner of Selrate Air transport.
Tucker Hamilton: Leader of Humanity First
Lauriat LeLow: Human delegate and human prime minister to the World Council.
Ikla and Stafford Moss: Parents to Teagan and Izba, members in good standing of Humanity First.

Ippilauki: The high god on the planet. Whale shifter. Owns the seas. His cults control Australia, southern South America, Southern Africa, Madagascar and Indonesia.